Evening Concert Schedule

Roosevelt University
Chicago College of Performing Arts
Student Electronic Music Concert (Part of Festival)
April 12th, 2013
7:30PM Ganz Hall

#1 Composer: Kotoka Suzuki
Piece: Automata | Mechanical Garden
Performers: 4-channel fixed media

#2 Composer: Timothy Dwight Edwards
Piece: Vessels
Performers: Timothy Dwight Edwards, wine glasses
live electronics

#3 Composer: Sam Scranton *
Piece: Magicicada Brood XIII: All Aboard For Fun Time
Performers: 2-channel fixed media
Thomas Albanese, voice and percussion
Jeanette Floyd, voice and percussion
Carrie Kocsis, voice and percussion
Hope Littwin, voice and percussion
Meghan McGovern, voice and percussion
Joel Midden, voice and percussion
Dan Mohr, voice and percussion
Jon Calvin Weyant III, voice and percussion

#4 Composer: Judith Shatin
Piece: For the Birds
Performers: Kyra Saltman, cello
2-channel fixed media

#5 Composer: Mike McFerron
Piece: An Interrupted Memory
Performers: 2-channel fixed media


#6 Composer: Kyong Mee Choi
Piece: Tender Spirit II
Performers: DVD

#7 Composer: Timothy Ernest Johnson
Piece: Fortune Smiles
Performers: 2-channel fixed media
Scott Douglas, flutes
Anthony Jay Houston, percussion

#8 Composer: Daniel Souphis *
Piece: Image No. 3: The Last Living Dream
Performers: 2-channel fixed fixed media
Stephanie Babic, piano


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